Hopewell, Virginia’s comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation services

When you need rehabilitation after an injury, surgery or illness in the TriCities area, the John Randolph Medical Center physical therapy and rehabilitation team can help. We provide patients of all ages with individualized services to maximize independence, mobility and quality of life.

To schedule an appointment with our rehabilitation team, please call (804) 320-3627.

Rehabilitation at a full-service facility

John Randolph Medical Center offers outpatient rehabilitation programs to help relieve pain, restore function and get you back to your full potential. Your care comes from highly skilled and licensed physical, occupational, speech therapists and other professionals with specialized training in a variety of condition-specific therapies.

  • Advanced care with a personal touch—Because our program is hospital-based, you benefit from a therapy or exercise program tailored to your specific health needs.
  • Individualized treatment plans—We offer dynamic, customized, and one-on-one evaluation, training, rehabilitation/physical therapy and performance enhancement programs.
  • Certified therapists working for you—Our therapists are highly skilled and certified in a variety of rehabilitation specialties, including lymphedema therapy, pulmonary rehabilitation, speech and language pathology and more.

Outpatient therapy requires a physician referral. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Advanced care and personalized treatment plans for adults and children

Physical therapy

John Randolph offers physical therapy (PT) to protect, strengthen or restore muscle and motor function. Treatments are personalized to your needs and can include:

  • Exercise instruction
  • Gait training
  • Manual therapy techniques
  • Medical device instruction
  • Pain management therapy
  • Patient education
  • Sports medicine-focused physical therapy

Occupational therapy

We also offer pediatric and adult occupational therapy (OT), which focuses on improving daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, eating and home management. Our certified therapists develop plans to help you:

  • Conserve energy
  • Improve gross and fine motor skills
  • Regain physical independence
  • Strengthen upper extremities
  • Learn to use assistive devices effectively

Comprehensive services we offer

Our physical therapy and rehabilitation services are comprehensive. We treat a wide range of conditions and offer services that include:

  • Neurological rehabilitation—Special programs for stroke, brain and nervous system conditions, including spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Orthotics, assistive technology and adaptive equipment—To help relieve pain or regain independence, including custom splints, braces and fitting for wheelchairs.
  • Pain management—Includes manual therapy, biofeedback, electrical stimulation, ultrasound technology and heat therapy for pain from injury or disease.
  • Pediatric rehabilitation—Specially designed programs for children with a variety of temporary and long-term disabilities, developmental needs, sensory issues and other conditions.
  • Post-surgical orthopedic care and spine careService includes certified hand therapy, traction to relieve spinal pressure and total joint replacement rehabilitation.
  • Speech and language therapy—Custom programs to retrain voice, speech and swallowing concerns after injury surgery or neuromuscular conditions.