Digestive health services in the TriCities area

Our digestive health specialists at John Randolph Medical Center focus on digestive disorders and diseases that keep you from feeling your best. Our gastroenterologists (GI doctors) aim to restore your digestive health from issues, such as acid reflux or general stomach pain.

To find a digestive health specialist, please call our Consult-A-Nurse line at (804) 320-3627.

Digestive health conditions we treat

Our GI doctors perform diagnostic procedures to treat conditions within the liver, rectum, colon, small and large intestines, esophagus, stomach, gallbladder and bile ducts. Our digestive health specialists treat a range of conditions, including:

  • Stomach pain
  • Heartburn
  • Acid reflux
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Diarrhea
  • Gastrointestinal cancers
  • Ulcers
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Constipation
  • Obstructions
  • Swallowing difficulty

Diagnostic gastroenterology procedures we offer

We use a variety of laboratory and imaging procedures to diagnose GI conditions at John Randolph. These procedures include:

  • Colonoscopy
  • Upper GI series
  • Lower GI series
  • Blood fecal tests
  • Computed tomography (CT) scan
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan
  • Ultrasound
  • Sigmoidoscopy

GI surgery options we offer

John Randolph is a full-service hospital that will provide comprehensive surgical care if the need arises. Our GI surgeons use the latest surgical technologies, such as robotic surgery, to perform gastrointestinal surgeries.

Robotic surgery can be minimally invasive and offers numerous benefits to patients, such as a shorter hospital stay, less scarring and a quicker recovery. Our GI surgeons use robotic surgery to treat:

  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • Gallbladder removal (Cholecystectomy)
  • Appendix removal (Appendectomy)
  • Colorectal tumor removal