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5 years limited by hip pain.  1 Team provided relief.

You worked hard all your life. You didn't rely on anyone to get things done. But recently your knees have been slowing you down. Maybe lately you've noticed that your hips aren't as fluid as they once were. Don't let fear of a painful recovery or the thought of missing work keep you from living your best life.

Our team of experts is driven to assess and treat musculoskeletal disorders that lead to pain and immobility. Advanced procedures, knee and hip resurfacing, as well as partial hip resurfacing, joint replacement and revision surgery, orthopedic spine surgery, and other specialized procedures, are available to relieve pain and help patients return to normal activities.We’ve been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission for excellence in total hip and knee programs. Our average length of stay for hip replacements is 1-2 days and for knee replacements 2-3 days. Founded on the collective experience of specialized doctors, physical therapists, case managers and nurses, we can get you back to living your life. And we’re conveniently located in the TriCities, so you don’t have to travel far to receive the very best care.

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Hear our patient stories.

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